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Welcome! I'm Sean, both a Computer Engineering graduate and a third year Software Development student from Seneca College.

Outside of school, I enjoy weightlifting , dabbling in Open Source and letting my imagination run wild at Hackathons !

I'm always exploring new technologies but check out what I'm familiar with to the right


C++, Java, C#, C


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js




Git, TFS , TravisCI, Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, JIRA, Confluence, Adobe XD, Balsamiq


Seneca College

Software Development

Seneca College, Toronto ON

April 2019 (Expected)

  • Selected course work includes C, C++, C#, Java and various Web technologies as well as concepts including Data Structures & Algorithms, Design Patterns and UI/UX Design.
Seneca College

Computer Engineering

Seneca College, Toronto ON

April 2014

  • Course work included Real-time Embedded Systems, Electrical Theory (AC/DC), and Advanced Mathematics. With consistent hard work and a bit of luck, I achieved a 3.8 cumulative GPA resulting in Honours upon graduation.

Professional Experience

Seneca College

Peer Tutor

Seneca College, Toronto ON

September 2017 - Present

  • I have the pleasure of assisting students with topics including Data Structures and Algorithms, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, STL, File I/O and Multithreading.
Bank of Montreal

Software Developer Intern

Bank of Montreal, Toronto ON

May 2017 - September 2017

  • I researched, designed and authored a framework in .NET designed to provide fully automated and customizable UI regression testing for WPF applications. In addition, I developed a PoC FIX client using QuickFIX/n to replace existing RFS architecture with ESP to automatically streamline market data.
Vincent Associates Inc.

Full Stack Developer

Vincent Associates, Toronto ON

May 2015 - August 2016

  • I assisted with multiple projects ranging from prototyping a PoC which automated a major internal workflow to upgrading an existing CRM system with the .NET stack . I also developed multiple T-SQL scripts that facilitated loading mock data from UAT to Dev environments.


Open Source



PR #3917

January 2018



PR #3751

October 2017



PR #3609

January 2018

  • I added documentation describing the usage of the newly introduced command: brew cask upgrade


PR #1031

October 2017

  • I implemented final rebranding touches to Crates.io, a website that houses an ecosystem of Rust libraries known as "Crates".


PR #44960

October 2017

  • I eliminated Rust documentation comments regarding the usage of a crate for integrating C code at run-time.


PR #2431

January 2018

  • I corrected internal task documentation to reference correct Ruby commands.


PR #2433

January 2018

  • I updated the survey icon for a more intuitive one using the OpenIconic set.


PR #257

October 2017

  • I merged and corrected Neon's release notes archive to centralize all closed issue and pull-request URLs.


2nd Place - HackingGood 2017

Cisco Toronto Innovation Centre

November 2017

In partnership with FuturFund and Cisco, this hackathon aimed to enhance education for young people around the world.

Our group ideated, wireframed and pitched Spotlight , a high-fidelity prototype that faciliates learning in a non-conventional way by connecting individuals with experienced mentors to learn more about possible career paths. Spotlight would use an AI assistant in combination with NLP to develop a special profile for deeper connections based on each individual.

Adobe XD was key in bringing Spotlight to life.

4th Place - Genesys Toronto Hackathon 2017

George Brown College, St. James Campus

October 2017

Hosted by Genesys and George Brown College, this was the second hackathon designed to enhance PureCloud beyond what it already offers.

Our team ideated, developed and pitched Cloud 9 , a Google Chrome extension designed to translate incoming and outgoing chat messages such that a call center agent who isn't familiar with a customers spoken language could read and respond in a language familiar to the themselves.

Cloud 9 was constructed with HTML, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js and IBM Watson with one serving of an all-nighter.

RBC NGI Hackathon 2017

RBC Water Park Place

September 2017

The theme of this years hackathon was to develop a new and innovative way to recruit top tech talent.

Our team, Team Inner Source, developed and pitched Inner Source , a platform in which business units could pose projects in an open-source setting to be completed by individuals. Upon completion, individuals would " own their contribution", allowing them and their acquired skillset to be identified in a streamlined hiring pipeline.

Inner Source was built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Circular Design Challenge Hackathon Toronto 2017

Bitmaker Labs

July 2017

Hosted by OpenIDEO, this was first of many events bringing together bright minds to brainstorm, ideate and prototype how we might get products to people without generating plastic waste!

Our team devised and pitched a PoC app called " Recyclift ". Recyclift allows users to request "Recyclifters" (equipped with sponsored backpacks) to pickup their waste/recyclables. In exchange, revenue from these sponsorships would then be used to provide incentives for these individuals in addition to points being awarded for their local community leaderboard.

GMhackAI 2017

Ryerson University, Sandbox by DMZ

June 2017

In partnership with the DMZ, Ryerson Futures and General Motors, this was the first-ever GM Hackathon event in Toronto! We worked on solutions to enable AI powered assistants to aid the way we work, move and play in an ever-growing autonomous age.

Our team developed and pitched a PoC AI assistant named " Rosie " which enabled the real-time assessment of a driver’s physical and mental state by utilizing metrics and past medical history from both wearable devices and driver speech in order to proactively guard against occurrences such as Road Rage.

Rosie was built using General Motor’s Next Generation Infotainment (NGI) toolkit with future consideration of using Reciptiviti, an API that enabled AI platforms to determine human emotions.

3rd Place - OSCE Days Hackathon Toronto 2017

University of Toronto, St. George Campus

June 2017

In partnership with the Food Systems Lab, this was the first-ever Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) event in Toronto. The theme of this year’s one-day hackathon was Closing the Food Loop. We worked on solutions to reduce food waste and create a circular food system in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our team, partnered with President and CEO, Nicholas Steele, of LyoFresh Technologies to overhaul his existing website.

I managed and delegated tasks regarding the implementation of the LyoFresh website. Our team was awarded 3rd place by a panel of industry judges.

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